Giant Mountain Surprise by Valerie Wilde

New release!!

What a BIG surprise!!

This is HIS mountain and he has a BIG surprise for any woman caught snooping around.

I was only trying to get away from the city for a weekend, I didn’t think it would turn out like this! I’ve had my share of bad luck in the romance department, but I think my luck is changing, because I’ve never seen anything like him before….and I badly want to see more!


She thinks I don’t see her there, watching…looking. Well, keep looking girl, but don’t come any closer because with a body like yours, there’s no telling what I’ll do if I get my hands on you.

“Giant Mountain Surprise” is an over-the-top standalone short about a VERY large mountain man and the woman lucky enough to find him. It’s safe, fun, and of course, HEA  guaranteed. Caution: May steam up your Kindle a little!


xoxo Val